Race details

Race name: Bike FM Zemes XCO-UCI C2 (final National XCO Cup/National MTB Cup for children).

Organizer: “Asociatia Club Sportiv Bike FM” toghether with “Primaria comunei Zemes” and Romanian Ciclism Federation.


Contact:   www.zemesxco.ro

MEMO Sebastian Vrinceanu




Race type: Cross-Country Olimpic (XCO), 4,2 km track with 160m elevation gain, trace on bikemap.net.


UCI categories: Men ELITE, Woman Elite, U23

National Cup categories:   “Elite Masculin, Elite Feminin, U23 Masculin, Juniors Men, Juniors Women, Cadets Men, Cadets Women, Children, Amateurs M/F – 19+, Master 1 M – 30-39, Master 2 M – 40 – 49, Master 3 M – 50+, Master F – 30+


Date: August 11th 2018

Start time: 9:00


Comuna Zemes- judet Bacau

Zemeș is 8 km far away from Moinești, 55 km from Bacau and 51 km from Onești, the three out of eight cities in Bacau County. One Monument that you should ask for is DADA. It is located at the entrance of Moinești and it was raised in the memory of Tristan Tzara, at his 100 years birthdate celebration. You should turn right at this place if you come from Bacau or left you come from Comanesti, heading to Zemes. The Boierasca Modarzau lake situated in Zemeș is sourrounded by the XCO track. You can reach the place either from Zemeș (Modârzău) or Valea Arinilor (Moinești-Găzărie).  At this point you can follow the sign Bike FM Zemes XCO. You can use the following tracks:

From Bacau trough Valea Arinilor:



From Bacau trough Zemes:


From Onesti:



Comuna Zemes- judet Bacau



Official we page: http://www.zemesxco.ro







The competition is running under the UCI and FRC regulations: http://www.uci.ch/mm/Document/News/Rulesandregulation/17/29/73/4MTB-E-1.01.2017_English.pdf


The entry subscription can be done at: http://www.zemesxco.ro until August 09th 2018.

There will be no entry subscription on the day of the event.

Cyclists that will compete in the ELITE category must be UCI licensed.


Cyclists that will compete in amateur categories must detain a FRC license valid for 2018.

This license can be obtained from the race board on Friday, August 10th during 12:00-20:00, required documentation:  http://www.federatiadeciclism.ro/site/wp  content/uploads/2016/02/PROCEDURA-DELICEN%C8%9AIERE-A-FEDERATIEI-ROMANE-DE-CICLISM.pdf)


Race timing: Electronically with cip.


Race kit pick up


License check (UCI/FRC) and race kit pick up will be done on Friday August 10th, 12:00-20:00 at the race secretariat placed inside “complexului Lacul Boiereasca Modarzau, Zemes, judetul Bacau”.

Bike and equipment:

The bike must be MTB type in good working condition. It is mandatory to wear a helmet. It is mandatory to attach the race number to the front of the bike, on the handle bar and on the back of the jersey.



Start will take place in the surrounding of „Lacului Boiereasca Modarzau, Comuna Zemes, judetul Bacau”

The position of the START place is shown in the following picture:

Refill area / technical assistance:

Refill area: 2 area for refill

Technical area: 2 technical areas

Check points: 16

Technical cars: 2

Ambulance: 1

Team areas: 1 area dedicated to teams (tents) around Start/Finish




Elite  M/F

U23 M

Juniors M/F

Cadets M/F


Licensed FRC:

Amateurs M/F – 19+

Master 1 M – 30-39

Master 2 M – 40 – 49

Master 3 M – 50+

Master F – 30+


Amateurs (no license) M/F – 19+

Amateurs (no license) M/F – 30-39

Amateurs (no license) M/F – 40+


Licensed children:

D2 – 5-6 yrs M/F – 2012-2013

D1 – 7-8 yrs M/F – 2010-2011

C – 9-10 yrs M/F – 2008-2009

B – 11 and 12 yrs  M/F – 2006-2007

A – 13 and 14 yrs  M/F – 2004 – 2005


Children (no license) 10-13 yrs M/F si 14-18 yrs M/F


If one category does not have 3 or more participants the racers from this category will compete in the closest age category



Laps number will be decided during the technical meeting.

Elite Men, U23  1h30’ – 2h – 6 laps

Elite Women  1h30’ – 1h45’    – 5 laps

Juniors  1h – 1h,15’ – 4 laps Man; 3 laps Women

Cadets  45’– 1h – 3 laps Men; 2 laps Women

Amateurs 19+, Master 1, 2 și 3 and Master F 30+ yrs  1h – 1h,15’ ( 5 laps Men; 4 laps Women)

Amateurs (no license) M/F 19+, 30-39 and 40+ ( 5 laps Men; 4 laps Women )

Children A – children aged between 13 and 14 yrs (inclusively) M/F _ 35’- 50’ _ 4 laps (2km track)

Children B – children aged between 11 and 12 yrs (inclusively) M/F _ 30’- 45’ _ 3 laps (2km track)

Children C – children aged between 9 and 10 yrs (inclusively) M/F _ 15’- 30’ _ 2 laps (2km track)

Children D2 – children aged between 7 and 8 yrs (inclusively) M/F _ 1’- 15’ _ 2 laps (1km track)

Children D1 – children aged between 5 and 6 yrs (inclusively) M/F _ 1’- 15’ _ 1 lap (2km track)

Children (no license)  10-13 yrs M/F – 3 laps (2km track); 14-18 yrs  M/F – 4 laps (2km track);


Race services/facilities at the START area


Medical assistance

First aid point

Technical assistance

Area for refilling/sport nutrition


Bicycle wash area



START procedure


Each category will have its individual START.

Inviting racers to the START: We will invite in the first line the UCI racers with the highest score in the day of the competition. In the second line, after all UCI racers we will invite the first 5 racers from the National XCO Cup (ranked in the day of the competition). The START will be announced as: 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds, 15 seconds. In the last 15 seconds before the foreseen starting time the START can be effectively announced by the race Marshall.


Event program



Friday August 10th

10.00: Track opened for training (free entry)

12.00: Subscription check (in Zemes at “Lacul Boiereasca Modarzau”)

17.00: Track closed for training (free entry).

17.00: Track opened for official training (the track must be done at least once and the race number must be mounted on the handle bar during training)

19.00: Track closed for official training.

20.00: Subscription check closed

20.00: Technical meeting XCO


Saturday August 11th


07.00: Track opened for training


08.45: Starting lineup for licensed children 5-6 yrs and 7-8

09.00: Start for licensed children 5-6 yrs and 7-8yrs


09.30: Starting lineup for licensed children 9-10 yrs, 11-12 yrs and 13-14 yrs

09.45: Start for licensed children 9-10 yrs, 11-12 yrs and 13-14 yrs


10.30: Starting lineup for un-licensed children 10-13 yrs and 14-18 yrs

10.45: Start for un-licensed children 10-13 yrs and 14-18 yrs


11.30: Starting lineup for Cadets Woman/Man, licensed and un-licensed Amateurs M/F

11.45: Start for Cadets Woman ad Man, licensed and un-licensed Amateurs M/F


13.15: Starting lineup for Juniors Women/Men

13.30: Start for Juniors Women/Men


14:45:  Starting lineup for ELITE Women/Men, U23

15.00: Start for ELITE Women/Men, U23


17.00 Award ceremony


UCI points for class 2:

Elite UCI Men/Women : 30-20-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1

Juniors Men/Women : 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2



Elite UCI Men/Women: 50-40-30-25-20-18-16-14-12-10 euro, from 1 to 10

Juniors  Men/Women: 16-13-10-6-5 euro, from 1 to 5

Cadets Men/Women: Products and vouchers from sponsors

Amateurs license/no license M/F: Products and vouchers from sponsors

Children license/no license M/F : Products and vouchers from sponsors



The track

Elite, U23, Juniors, Cadets, Amateurs _ 4.2km/ lap with dif of 160 m

Children   5-8 _ Aprox 1 Km/lap with dif of 20m

Children 9-14  _ Aprox 2 Km/lap with dif of 50m



Other information:


-Access to the car parking area is done from „Valea Arinilor” or from „Zemes”

– The Ambulance will be placed close to the Start-Finish area. On the track we have one mobile medical assistance team and one medical assistance point assured by  “Serviciul Salvamont Bacau”.

– On the track we have 16 Marshalls and 10 volunteers teams.

– Closest hospital: “Spitalul Municipal Moinesti”

Address: Strada Zorilor 1, Moinești 605400

Program: non stop

Phone: 0234 362520


In case of emergency:


Emergency number: In case of any emergency during the race you can call: 0745480718 și 0747994797.

Abandon. In case of abandon the participant is obliged to send an SMS to the above phone numbers specifying the race number and the reason of abandon.

Accidents: In case of an accident, the emergency plan will be used by the medical team in accordance with the protocol agreed.

The participants will give priority to any official/intervention vehicle that offers medical/logistic aid.


Track marking

The track will be marked with official tape, orange spray and signs (black on white board) that will show the direction or hazards.

Tape marking will be done on left or right side for the whole track.


The signs (with or without arrow) will be mounted on trees at a height of 1,5m or on 30cm height in open spaces.


Spray marks will be done with dots or lines for the good direction and witx X for wrong direction.


Printed signs to be found on the track:

Technical points


The area designed for technical assistance: The organizer don’t have technical equipment, each rider/team can leave its own technical equipment or send a technical stuff in these area.




Manager of the event:


He coordinates all actions related to the event, decide the responsibilities for the organizing team, supervise all operations before, during and after the event, take care of all aspects related to the race, the program, marketing, public relation, award ceremony, the interaction with police authorities and the gendarmerie, with the UCI/FRC representatives, holds the technical meeting one day before the race.

He wears a black t-shirt with yellow signs of the Bike FM sportive club.

MEMO Sebastian Vrinceanu


Technical Manager


He supervises all the technical aspects, he organizes the race, the marking of the track, he takes care of maps, coordinates the safety on track and on Start/Finish area, he organizes the Start/Finish area, takes care for the safety of racers/public during the warm-up/training, he coordinates any medical intervention, accident evacuation, he coordinates the voluntary team, he will report to the Manager of the event.

Cristian Popa


Entry subscription coordinator:


Supervises the online subscription, keeps trace of tax payment, supervises the race kit pick up and race numbers, collects the list of entries and individual declarations, takes care that all racers receive their own race numbers, takes care of the award ceremony, coordinates the voluntary team, reports to the Manager of the event.

Anca – Race Hub


Race Marshalls and volunteers coordinator


Supervises and organizes the Marshalls team ( identified by a green neon vest labeled ”RACE MARSHALL”), their place on the track, their training, takes care of their mandatory equipment : whistles, flags needed to for the racers guiding.

He takes care for the safety of all participants to the event, decides al the evacuation routes, access routes for spectators, takes decisions and actions related to medical assistance together with the technical Manager. He takes care that all racers follow the race track, he trains the volunteers to count the racer passage in the control points and on track, coordinates the allocated volunteers team, he reports to the event Manager.

George Movila


Refilling and technical areas coordinator.


He takes care that the refilling and technical areas are well signalized according to the technical manager instructions, takes care that these areas show correct signs for starting and ending, takes care that these area remain clean and without any waste, reports disqualified racers that throw object outside these areas, coordinates the allocated volunteers team, he reports to the event Manager.

Ciprian Popa


Start/Finish area Coordinator


He takes care to organize the Start/Finish area, award ceremony area, takes care of tents area, protection fences, of mounting banners, tents, flags. He takes care of the power and water supply for bike was area, coordinates the allocated volunteers team, he reports to the event Manager

Razvan Tincu


Media and MC Coordinator


He is always present in the RACE Office area, takes care of all announcements, take care for media technical equipment, he’s in charge of media representatives participants to the event. He makes all announcements needed for the race; he presents sponsors, partners, etc.  

MEMO Sebastian Vrinceanu


Timing company representative


He supervises the timing equipment, makes the provisory ranking list and displays  it in a visible area, makes the final ranking, communicates them to the race marshalls and the event Manager.

He keeps trace of finishing racers on paper as back-up

Ovidiu Simen



Cazare: https://zemesxco.ro/cazari